Friday, October 14, 2005

About us

Michael is British and Sandie is Lebanese. We got married on the 24rth of June in Norwich, England.
We live in the Trade Center Apartments with another married couple from Tazmania: Zadok and Wendy. Zadok and Michael work in Dubai Drydocks as Ship/Project Managers and Wendy is a School Teacher. Sandie gave up the restaurant management business for an office job with normal "human" hours at Orthosports.
We work hard all week only to play hard on the week ends, between kite surfing, sailing and mountain biking!
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These are our polish friends Marcin and Asia. In the background you can see the big 5.8 meters beast of a cat!

Here is where Michael works at Dubai Dry Docks. The company has more than 36 nationalities!
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