Thursday, May 11, 2006

Photo of the Month: Camping in Dubai!

What is so peculiar about this picture? Can you spot the difference?
Give up? Well some people camp on the beach and yet they can never leave the house without their satellite dish!!!

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Blogger Mar said...

Isn't camping supposed to be going back to nature and its natural way of living :)

1:55 am  
Blogger Sandie said...

I wonder! It's quite hilarious, you have to admit it! Ha Ha.

6:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi sandie. my name is ian. i happened upon this pic of the campers on the beach with the satellite dish through a google search. i was wondering: do you know anything about possibly camping on the beach in dubai. i am going there tomorrow and would love to camp, but i wasn't sure if it would be dangerous/illegal. I'll check back to this link to see if you responded to me. I'd really appreciate it if you have any knowledge of the subject. thanks

4:43 am  
Blogger Sandie said...

Hi Ian, camping in Dubai is great and not dangerous at all. Just make sure you have plenty of water and a good map or a GPS if it is going to be in the desert. Have fun and tell me how it goes.

9:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there! im cindy and i really love to camp too. been in dubai for bout 3 months and planning since then. may i ask if i need to secure a permit to camp. if so, where can i get it? Can you recommend a good and safe beach camping site? il appreciate much ur reply. thanks a lot.

1:15 pm  
Blogger Sandie said...

Unfortunately the photo's on the blog are of jebel Ali beach which is all taken over for development right up to the Abu Dhabi border. You did need a permit back then as it was a wildlife reserve but anwhere else you don't need one.

There aren't many beach spots left and none as pretty as Jebel Ali was but you can try up north of Ajman past Hamriya free zone and up anywhere up to Ras Al Khaimah & beyond. Watch out for the long reach of the tide around Um Al Quain though!

East coast is OK from Dibba to Fujeira but not may spots.

NEVER camp on beaches on public holidays. All you will get is raging quad bikes etc...

One really nice area of dsert that's easily accesible is on the Kalba road, anywhere towards kalba from the Route 611.

Hope you find a good spot...

7:45 pm  

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