Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What a significant word, a word which I despise so much. I try not to think about it, whether it is noise pollution (which is the one that annoys me the most) or the smog, not to forget the garbage, etc...and the list goes on!
In very polluted countries, youngsters could develop asthma, pneumonia and other lower respiratory infections.
The sad fact is that Cairo is currently on top of the list for the most polluted city in the world, number two is Delhi then comes Kolkata.
I still believe that one person cannot change the way the universe think but governments and leaders should start applying strict rules and regulations or else our children will never have what we had. The planet will vanish sooner than expected.
I remember once watching a futuristic movie about the end of the world and through all the mayhem, a child lays his eyes on a magnificent creature which he has never seen before. You can obviously feel him questioning his father who in return answered: " A bird...a bird".


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