Friday, March 18, 2011

Washing Machine Trouble...

I had washing machine trouble this week! It leaked 3 times all over the kitchen floor. Don't know much about technology, but I sure know this isn't right and that something had to be done, especially that it is a less than one year old washing machine.

So I call up the repair men who were quite professional and on time, which was great...enough time for Skye's playdate...

So they both came, inspected the machine inside and out, fiddled here and there, tried a few buttons, then they asked me..."Which washing detergent are you using, Maam'?"

I go to the back of the kitchen where I keep all the detergents and soaps on a high shelf, out of reach from Skye, look the box up and start frowning...

I come back to the guys, I lower my eyes, stare at my toes and fiddle with my fingers. I clear my throat and in a low voice say:"this one...the one that you are supposed to use for older model machines where you load the laundry from the top..." and I cringe.

He says:" Well, you see where your problem is...this is not the right detergent for you. You need to buy the green one for the normal modern machines. You can destroy yours with all that foam coming out."

Duuh! and Double Duuh!


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