Friday, July 06, 2012

Why the Laziness...

I have to admit I have been lazy updating my blog, just because there are more things in life than spending every hour at home in front of a computer!
We are still in Australia...So many beaches to see, so many parks to visit, so many picnics to enjoy!
I have to say, it's been freezing, especially that our house we are renting at the moment is too old and too cold. Therefore, there is no insulation and it is open plan so you can never heat it up. Then there is the fact that the sun doesn't shine through the windows cos they all have a roof to prevent that from happening.
Michael and I, actually believe that it is warmer outside than inside.

But anyways, we are moving!
Moving to a better place, warmer and more modern. It is so exciting that we are getting sleepless nights.
Then, Michael's parents are visiting in a few days.
We don't say good night anymore with Skye. Every night ends with: " How many sleeps until Granny and Grandad arrive?"

Did a silly thing today! Locked the bathroom door from the outside by mistake! So we could not get a shower. It is an old lock system where u click it from the inside and there is no way of unlocking it once you're outside that door! Luckily, the neighbour knows what he is doing and fixed the problem!

I found at the post office a small soft stuffed lion with a bean bag inside which u warm in the microwave. It is a heat bag for Skye to warm her in bed during those cold nights. It is brilliant! She loves it! I might get another one for myself! Haha!

I have been meeting very nice people. I even went to the movies which I have not done in years! It is so strange to go out at night by myself without Michael. Hiring a babysitter to go to the movies is not justifiable, just because she is expensive. We would rather go out to the city for the night.


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