Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh No We are Not Old!

Ever wanted to cosy up under some soft blankets and watch a movie at home? Especially when there is a storm outside brewing where the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down but horizontally?
Well, Skye was due for a sleepover and we were not going to miss our chance of a lifetime.
Oh No we are not old! Going out in Perth was not easy for us. Between hiring a baby sitter and figuring out transport, it got the fun out of things sometimes but this time we have organised it all to the last detail!
We figured if Skye could do her first sleep over so we won't have to worry about the details and we know that she will be in good hands, and , and we did not have to come home at an early hour...

And off we went.

Large Arctic Coat: Check.
I.D. Card: Check.
Nice dress: Check.
Good friends and company: Check
Oh yes and husband: Check. ( Just kidding :)).
Train tickets: Check.
Location targeted: Check.

( photo taken from Showmeperth'swebsite).
And off we went.
Let me tell you this. I have not had so much fun in years! I did forget a small detail stop drinking when I felt a bit lightheaded! That was always my rule but I guess I have not gone out clubbing for a while.
By the 4rth place, I lost count...Not sure where we went, I am sure we went to more than 8 clubs/ pubs.
But I know where we landed and I enjoyed it the best! We ended up in Air, yes Air is a nightclub in Perth, don't ask me where it is, I DON'T REMEMBER, but I know I got there and I was GOBSMACKED!

Amazing decor and the staff was very friendly. The music and the crowd were as they were supposed to be, loud and vibrant! I had the best night in Perth...How do I know that? Well, the last thing I remember was looking at the time before slamming my head into the pillow and it was after 4:30 a.m. and that does not usual happen and of course, you can tell by the next day whether you had fun or not...
Well that is a different story which I am still paying the price for. Panadol anyone?


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