Tuesday, January 02, 2007


On Top of the World!

A holiday which smelled of hot chocolate, cheese fondue and French baguettes. A holiday with a panoramic view. The French Alps are truely breathtaking. We stayed in the valley of Les Deux Alpes which is a two hours' drive from Lyon and after Grenoble. The glacier is higher than 3400 meters and the temperature -13 degrees celsius with an occasional wind which varied up to 80 km per hour! It can be reached by a funiculaire which is an underground train shuttle like the ones you find in mines but more sophisticated. You can easily get high altitude sickness. We got dizzy a few times and our noses were bleeding once in a while.

There is a lot of snow and it is always sunny.

Ironically, the clouds just stay at the bottom of the valley.

The view from our hotel balcony.


Blogger Cinderella said...

Your pictures bring back beautiful memories for me :)

9:18 pm  

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