Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life in Dubai:

I apologise for not finding the time to write but ever since the doctor said I can exercise again I just never come home in the evenings!! My neck is a bit sore but that will take a whole year to heal. But now Michael just developed a kind of tendinitis! So frustrating! We stopped going to the beach because of our pains and aches but anyway it is quite hot out there.

Two weeks ago, we were snorkeling and I saw the biggest stingray in my whole I am not exaggerating, it was HUGE! like two meters huge and I happened to be swimming on top of it just half a meter away. I am not sure who got more scared, me or him! I could not stop swearing! Michael found it funny because I never swear.

We have been living in Dubai for over five years now, so I decided to be brave and start driving! You see I only use my bike as a transport. I admit it I am a coward when it comes to driving in Dubai, but I think it is about time. My test is in two weeks, wish me luck.

Life in Dubai is very interesting. You get surprised on a daily basis. Prices are skyrocketing, traffic for some reason is getting better and the construction work, oh dear, let's not go there. Let's say each time you blink a new building will pop up! But you know, what I love about this place is the multicultural atmosphere. You sit in a cafe and next thing you know you hear Spanish, Italian, Indian, Portuguese, French...and the list goes on. I am just passionate about languages. I think it is fascinating.
And the tan! The sun tan, everybody has a tan, they look like they are always on holidays.



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