Sunday, February 18, 2007

Crab Hunting:

Yes, we went crab hunting as a team building day with Michael's colleagues and their families. We took a bus all the way to Umm Al Qiwan. I was excited the whole week when they mentioned crab hunting! I used to do that when I was a child between the rocks in the Mediterranean.

Men in the pub before the hunt. There is nothing like a good beer.

So they take you on this small fishing boat to some islands where the water is knee deep. They hand you spears and torches and you just catch your dinner! Great fun! You should hear the laughter and the screaming. Actually, there was a very fat needle fish that kept getting attracted to our light. So it would charge right at you for no reason just like that suddenly. Waou!

You actually walk and the whole group drags the boat behind them. The place is like quicksand and very muddy. Crabs just spread their arms and wait staying very still and because they have a bit of red and blue colours on their hands, you can easily see them once you know what you are looking for! That is their way of camouflage, of defence.

A crab with a bad habit!!



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