Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look Who is One!

In just one year, our love for you grew, to one for all time, that none could undo. From Dad

Joyeux Anniversaire joli papillon. De Maman

She is one today. What a day! The excitement started 10 minutes before the party...She actually decided to make her first step! Michael and I both looked at each other with a massive grin on our face!

Daddy...Our hero.

Hmm, yummy, her first taste of chocolate cake.

A rainbow cake for a colourful little butterfly.

One, two, three...Blow...

Skye received so many wonderful gifts, thank you all, from pretty dresses to home made cookies and hand knitted clothes, to books, toys and a hilarious funny red stuffed toy camel dressed in a devil. Then, you can imagine the rest: a room full of balloons and cakes, oh, and yes, I almost forgot to mention the screaming children hooked on sugar and sweets. Everyone had fun. Wish you were here.


Blogger Dubai Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Skye! it's been fun watching you grow up on your mommy's blog...:)

10:33 pm  
Blogger nzm said...

Agree with DS! Happy Birthday, Skye!

11:55 pm  

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