Friday, November 13, 2009

Michael's on Holiday!!!

Michael decided to take a 2 weeks holiday just to spend it with his family. We are having a great time. We are actually in our own house in Dubai and yet it feels like we are on an extreme surfing cycling holiday!

We actually start our day by dropping Skye at her nursery then we get on our bikes and off we go. We are trying to explore Dubai on our bikes and we found out that it is not the same at all: all the roads have changed and there is a lot of construction sites and yet we ended up finding an extraordinary place with endless stretches of roads and covered with trees everywhere...yes in Dubai.

Then we pick Skye up and end up on the beach with our kitesurf/windsurf gear. We spend all afternoon curling in the waves with Skye and covering each other with sand castles.

Later on, we race home to get ready before the babysitter arrives.

So we end a great day with a romantic date.


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