Friday, August 21, 2009

We Are Back!

At last, we are back! What a summer!
I am not sure where to start! Hope you all had a great summer too.

Well, let's see, we started off by visiting family in the U.K.

Then Michael left for a kitesurfing holiday with his friend to Egypt while I continued to Lebanon with Skye to visit my own family. We were supposed to stay there for 2 months, but we could not stay apart for that long. So, we decided to book an earlier flight to come home.

Once back home, we came straight into a new place because obviously our flat has been completed, therefore we moved into it straight away. There were times when I got up in the middle of the night wondering where I was. We were worried about Skye adapting to all this change, travelling and moving around, but guess what? She is just fine and I would even go as much to say that it was even good for her. Skye has learned so many things this summer, it is unbelievable.
Summertime in the U.K. is just gorgeous, we really enjoyed our time, between walking the dog in open fields and checking out the horses. It is just so different from where we are living. And as always, we get spoiled by good food and great company from the Mirfields. Skye enjoyed walking with her grandad who was proud showing her off to his mates in the village. Granny was just very caring and confident with Skye... as if she has done this before... Anyways, she makes it all look so easy which gives you your confidence back and that we are actually doing a not so bad job. Granny Violet who showered Skye with hugs and toys was so thrilled to meet her, actually, for the first time and Marie, who popped down all the way from Scotland for a visit and with whom we had lots of fun with her great new man. Paddy, on the other hand, was also pleased to share his rug with Skye but drew the line at his fake bone.

Once in Lebanon, it is the other side of the family, again spoiling Skye with kisses and hugs. Here, there are no open fields where we live but lots of ocean and swimming pools which is a great balance between both holidays. The weather was just magnificient, quite windy, fresh and crispy. Skye learned to imitate her Teta by saying 'Oh la la'. Fadi taught her how to bark and shake hands and Caroline taught her how to squeeze so hard when hugging. All in all, it was a great experience.

Once back in Dubai, we walked in into a new flat full of mountains of boxes...

Maintenance work is done at this point that is why I am able to take care of my blog a bit after neglecting it for so long, but the internet connection took a while as well.

So here we are back in Dubai, all settled in , no more boxes lying around the house, and Michael has done a great job painting the walls with very beautiful crispy colours, orange, blue and yellow.

Skye's room is very pretty and child friendly, she always has a smile when we return home from somewhere. It is full of butterflies and flowers.

We were all sick last week with a cold, nothing major and the time before that we had a few sleepless nights with Skye teething, her molars are coming out and they say that is the most painful part of teething!

Anyways back to normal now and hopefully once Skye is 100% better we will start going to the pool. We did not have any neighbours for a whole month, so we were playing ball outside the corridor, now people are moving in and we have to be a bit quieter.

We met new neighbours with kids' Skye's age. New friends for mommy, daddy and Skye...

Skye will start nursery soon, 3 times a week, it is good for her to be around kids her age and I am sure it is good for me as well . Our baby sitter/maid left the country for good so we are searching for someone to baby sit every 2 to 3 weeks so Michael and I can be able to go out for the night.
Skye is feeding herself now, the place looks like a bomb site but it is cute and she is learning....Sometimes I wish a had a garden with a dog who would lick all the food and I don't have to clean after her! Well we are happy and missing everyone, we still have the holiday blues once in a while.

Skye is asleep now but she 's about to get up so I should get ready with her majesty's milk.


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