Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unusual Day for Cycling.

Michael is still on holiday so we decided to mountain bike and take a new different route. We took an off road route which led us to a rough terrain, we were getting somewhere or so we thought until we hit soft sand dunes and started to walk instead of cycling. Suddenly, a desert deer hops out, like lightning, it passed just in front of us. Later on, we saw a massive bird of prey, probable a 2 meters falcon we reckon just hovering above us in the sizzling sun, probably waiting for us to drop dead with thirst or something...

Still walking, we spotted a few houses in the distance and we decided it would definitely have a certain road leading us back to civilisation. By the time we reached those houses I managed to ride in a thorn bush hence the flat tire which we needed to fix and we ran out of water as well. This is when the locals stepped in...We asked for water, they gave us coffee and tea, a big sofa and lots of air condition. We told them we had a flat tire, they suggested to send the tire to Satwa to be fixed. But Michael already had taken care of it. We thanked them and off we went finding our way back. On the way back, the sky was filled with king fishers and exotic birds. We saw a snake curling up on the tarmac after being hit by a thing we know we were too close to the Sheikh's palace, I can't believe I suggested to hop over the fence with our bikes to find a road in order to go back, luckily we did not or else the cops would have bounced on us like crazy and helicopters would have swooshed on top of our heads. Finally, we found our way back so we decided to cycle a bit after making only a 5 km progress, including the walk in the desert. So we finally managed to get some exercise and move our butts a bit....


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