Saturday, November 09, 2013


I really believe that this is one of Skye's favourite days of the year...The reason is that Skye does not get to have any lollies at home except on special occasions, like birthdays, Halloween and Christmas.

I believe and agree that it is such a commercial holiday but kids love it and it is a fun day to dress up, meet up with friends and have lollies and sweets.

What did she want to dress up as? Guess...A WHITE SIBERIAN TIGER! Where did she get that idea from? I don't know, why are you asking me? Haha.

The whole street gathered up and off we went...Trick or Treat!

It was a bit of a late night. Late enough for me to forget to hide the bag of sweets we got from our outing. So the next day, at 6:30 in the morning, I found our Siberian tiger in the bathroom who was in for a while, a LONG while. The conversation went like this:

- Are you alright Skye?
-Yes mum.

...After 10 minutes...

-Are you still in there Skye? Does your tummy hurt?
-No mum I am fine.


-Ok Skye. I am coming in.
And there she was hunched over some sweets, gulping them down as fast as she can as if her life depended on her.
What was my reaction? Of course, I burst out laughing! I had tears in my eyes.

Even the neighbours' dog got dressed as a pumpkin vampire!



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