Sunday, November 02, 2014

On hold for a while!

Hi bloggers!

Life is too hectic! 

Juggling work, family, fitness and friends is great don't get me wrong but I have no time to myself and if I do, I try to finish my book which I've started way back or have  a ( as Aussies would call it) a nana nap ( a granny nap). 

So my point in all of this blablabla is that I'm sacrificing my blog for a while. I'll put it on hold and you can find me on Facebook: Sandie Mirfield.

Sorry bloggers but yes I've been hit by Facebook too. It took a while to resist but it is too easy and everyone is on it.

See you later bloggers....


Blogger Uouo Uo said...

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3:56 pm  

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