Saturday, September 09, 2006

Latest Gossip:

Well, the weather looks promising. We went to the beach and for once I did not feel light headed or in need to collapse.
Lebanon is quieter and everyone is safe for now. Live in the moment they say. But the airport is still closed, partially.
Michael has been off for a week and I started my new week-end which is weird, Saturday and Friday off. It is like our own mini holiday together. But I will have to work for longer hours during the day and I find my days slipping away between my finger tips, I actually get home around 8:45 at night sometimes.
Dubai is so quiet. Michael and I both miss our best friends (Brendan, Asia and Marcin), they left Dubai for greater opportunities which is great but we really miss them a lot and Dubai seems empty. We are trying to socialise a bit more, sticking to the beach crowd for now.
Anyways, 3 more months and we will go on holiday!


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