Saturday, September 02, 2006

Teaching Job:

I got offered a teaching job so I thought why not give it a try, have a career, after all I have a Bachelor degree in English Literature. So I checked it out, it is working with kids after all and I know that it was my worst experience ever, dealing with kids, they are great don't get me wrong but I could not maintain any sort of discipline in my classes. The salary was even less, the location was on the other side of town which was amazingly far plus I had to handle the KG 1 class so they will cry and miss their parents for the first few months and some might not even be potty trained! Can you imagine the hassle, no but no thanks. I want my office job where I am happy and dealing with adults. My mum is wise she told me not to look for trouble, career is not everything. I should be satisfied and I am, I am more than satisfied and grateful for the life and love I have. I am so lucky.


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