Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas with the Family in the UK:

So after 6 days of bruising and falling in the snow, we went home to our family in the UK to recover. Luckily, we went through Gatwick airport because apparently Heathrow airport was closed for 3 days because of the frost and fog. But it was hard work. Even though our family lives 2 hours far from London it took us almost a full day to reach there. We actually missed our bus...twice. First because of the flight delay and then because he never actually stopped the second time. But we managed to catch him in Heathrow.

Christmas with the family is something we have not done in a long while! It was a great family reunion with the traditional stuffed turkey, the mince pies, the triffle, the cranberry sauce, the drinking and eating a la Anglaise. We even got Christmas stockings which I loved!!! My mother in-law is amazing, everything is so fresh and home made, even the bread and the jams were home made.

It was really a privilege to get invited for Christmas to their place this year. And my father-in law is an amazing soup chef! He cooks these soups which you can only find in fancy restaurants with Michelin stars.

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And to top it all up, I managed to trott on Abbey (the horse) quite well. I do not ride horses usually but I managed to do everything right this time except for leaning forward a bit too much. I would not mind cantering next time!

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for a great week.


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