Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Horror:

Our first encounter with our new neighbour was a horrific experience! We met yesterday afternoon in the corridor next to the lift. She is a great lady with a very pretty Saluki which is a desert dog that looks like a grey hound. These dogs are so friendly and very pretty. It turns out that this dog was called Sandy as well like me! So we were still talking when suddenly the lady steps into the elevator. The doors of the elevator start to close behind her. She starts pressing buttons to try and reopen the doors. I do the same on the other side but in vain. The doors are closed and the elevator starts to go down and fast! Well you see there was a problem, the dog was still in the corridor next to me and not in the lift with his master. The horror... and on a leash. The lady was still holding on to the leash!!!!The dog was actually getting dragged further and faster towards the doors of the elevator. His neck is going to break. I go for the leash and pull as hard as my body can pull. Michael goes for the dog and try to release his collar. But the dog would not have it! His fangs show up. He does not like strangers. The dog sees two strangers shouting and trying to go for his collar while his master disappears in a lift while he is being pulled towards the closed doors of the lift. Not his cup of tea! I looked at the dog and I can see there was nothing we could do but watch him die a horrific death in front of us! Oh, dear! Thankfully, thankfully, the leash broke! I don't know if it was me pulling with all my force or it was the lift that snapped the rope. It just snapped! Ouf! The dog was shaking like a leaf. We were shaking like a leaf. The woman came back up screaming expecting to see a dead dog. A happy ending to a story of horror. I know I actually realized how stupid I was but all my fingers are slashed and burned from the rope running through them, I won't use my hands for a while that is for sure. I also realized that it could have been worse. That we could have been entagled with him and we could have lost a limb. I should stop thinking!


Blogger Dubai Sunshine said...

My god! Horrible indeed! I am just glad to hear both you and the dog are OK. Why didn't that lift open when both you and the neighbour were pushing the buttons? Weird....

6:41 pm  
Blogger nzm said...

Wow - that was a close call!

Good on you for helping out, and I hope that your fingers will heal soon. Trust me, it was worth it to save the dog!

As a bonus, I guess that Michael will have to cook for a while? :-)

7:12 pm  

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