Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My First Time at Wild Wadi:

Michael and I went to Wild Wadi courtesy of work. One of the patients gave the staff free tickets. It is a big water park in Dubai.

So we spent our Saturday there, the place is a hustle and bustle souk, almost like a fish market, extremely crowded but then again it was the week end. The architecture is fascinating, Arabic style straight from one of Shehrazad's stories of 1001 nights. The slides are so much fun but quite limited. We managed to use only one. The rest were pool waves which we already experience every week end on the beach and the Jumeirah Scarer is a bit extreme, you just experience a good red mark on your bum and back from all the friction.

No don't get me wrong it was fantastic, we had lots of fun but for that price, hmm...And the water was filthy, it was very disgusting. I kept praying not catch any fungus or diseases.


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