Saturday, December 29, 2007

My THIRD Trimestre:

Baby is kicking a lot these days. Both, Michael and I, can actually see
my whole belly shifting from one side to the other like an inspector gadget trick! The book says the average number of kicks a day is around 10, well baby is doing more, I would say 30 a day. Michael says baby must be surfing in there with all that water.

We managed to prepare the nursery, decorated it and loaded it with all the items a baby could need, oops I guess that surf board got to go, I think baby would be too young, I guess we will have to return it!

It is amazing how time flies, I am already in my 29 weeks and counting. I feel very healthy but not very heavy with no pain whatsoever. I know I am quite big, excuse me but big is not the word, let's say humongous.

People get so surprised when I say nop, no pain. They look at me twice and wonder what is she on.

Michael and I are studying and reading lots of parenting books concerning the feeding and sleeping routines. He is such a hands-on daddy to be.

I am attending yoga classes and I have also joined ante-natal classes.

I guess all we have to do now is just grow and wait.

See you in the New Year, Baby. I know what I will be doing...drinking fizzy sparkling apple juice and pretend it is champagne!

Cheers to all of you around the world and yes I pray for Love & Peace on Earth.


Blogger Jin said...

Wow, 29wks already!! I'm so happy for you, especially as you're enjoying your pregnancyEven though my pregnancy (with my son) was nearly 27yrs ago, I can remember it vividly. It's an incredibly special time in a couples' life :-)
Has he/she had hiccups yet? (That can be so funny, but really annoying at the same time!)

11:26 pm  

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