Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Joy of Motherhood...

Ahh...Well, as you can see by my busy blog, we have our hands full, indeed. Michael is doing great at work and he gets time to check the wind forecast so he can catch a ride on his kiteboard. I get to escape to the gym once in a while with her in her play pen...Yes, I take her and her whole big play pen packed with toys through the elevator and up to the rooftop where the gym is. She is happy and I am happy. It is a great idea while she is still immobile.

Skye is such an adorable baby. I find it strange that some people actually stop me on the street just to peek-a-boo her and tell me she's so cute.

It is so easy to meet other mothers when you have a baby. The mother and baby group is so much fun. We are invited to a birthday, our first party...Should be interesting, never thought that would be exciting.

Skye is hilarious, her toothless grin makes you want to burst out laughing. Actually, she is teething these days and quite in pain, poor baby.

She is such a healthy eater, she would swallow anything you put in her way: creamy fish, braised beef, chicken casserole, lentils savoury, etc....

I enjoy cooking for her and watching her reaction. She is also learning to master the art of finger food eating, or shuld I say gobbling, sometimes she spreads it all over the kitchen which looks like a hurricane zone.

...She just loves her strawberries...

She enjoys helping her mum with the laundry.

I am glad we are all settled now. We have our own routine and everything is in place. She knows her room, her parents, we know her habits, her likes and dislikes. We understand each other. So far so good! It is a shame for an expat though, to raise a child away from the family, her grandparents, uncle and aunts must miss her terribly! It would be great to meet quite often.

We are getting ready for our first Christmas...My favourite time of year. We have a few decorative projects on the way. Will keep you posted for sure.


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Sandie: she's gorgeous! You and Michael are doing a great job!

4:08 pm  
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