Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Lady is 4 Months Old:

Skye is great. She screams a lot because she realised that she can actually control her vocal cords so it is an opera house here. If you ever visit us just make sure you bring ear plugs! She is still growing and getting taller by the minute! She wears 6 months to one year sizes. She giggles a lot these days and rarely cries. She still cries at bath time, I guess it is part of her development and eventually she will grow to like bath time. She is also curious about everything which makes feeding time a challenge because everything is a distraction!
We are looking forward to our trip to Lebanon to escape the heat. Skye will get to meet the whole family and hopefully she won't be very spoiled. We will be away for 45days. I will tell you all about it once we get back.

I really enjoy taking pictures. She has a great smile. I like the one with the pink dress & hat... A lady of leisure...G & T, waiter, please.

A new hair style.

Family portrait.


Blogger nzm said...

Gorgeous images, Sandie.

Have a wonderful time in Lebanon and keep up posted on Skye growing up!

Iceland is AWESOME! Will definitely let you know all the good places. But be prepared to part with a lot of money when you visit - it's damn expensive.

Take care!

1:19 am  
Blogger sea life said...

Great pictures! She's an Angel!
Have a wonderful time on holiday!

10:23 am  
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