Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fairies' Festival:

Last week, Spring was celebrated with a Big Bang. The whole of Australia was invaded by fairies, elfs and all sort of forest creatures...

Our little Skye and her cheeky mummy decided to borrow a dragon outfit from the toy library to chase those fairies away. Hi hi hi...Quite a devilish plan, don't you think?

The event was full of activities and shows; from poney rides to face painting, from crafts to magic shows and fairies were everywhere singing and dancing.

The face painting...The BEFORE and AFTER photos...

Skye's first taste of the dreamy cotton candy! She LOVED it! ( as you can see).


Anonymous Camilla said...

Hi Sandie,

Would it be possible to get an email for you and Michael? I have some interesting news from for expats this Christmas and would love to talk in more detail :)

Cam x

8:05 pm  

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