Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cyclone Gonu:

Cyclone Gonu was and still is the strongest storm which hit these parts of the world since 1945. It hit mostly Oman and the east coast of the U. A. E. heading towards Iran. 4 to 5 meter waves hit the coast and flooded the streets. Some S. A. surfers tried to brave the waves but were halted by the police and the rescue team, they were actually disappointed. Hotels are cancelling their reservations and the coastal road is barricaded.
Michael and I were actually thinking of watching the storm and maybe even surf so my husband says, hmm...I don't think so!
I believe that Muscat is in a valley so all the floods and the rain water just went flushing down on people's houses and even their lives. It is a human disaster. They are devastated.
Today, the newspapers are all talking about the judge who believed in his 4x4 car and charged the storm in order not to miss court. He got hit by a humongous wave and went wild rafting in his car but 2 workers in a tractor actually saved him! Check out the pictures and many more on the story on:


Blogger Someone in Al Ain said...

as far as i know more than 26 people died and still more than 28 missing..

thanks for posting this..

3:15 am  
Blogger Kishor Cariappa said...

It was much much bad.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Sandie said...

Sorry to hear about that! It is such a disaster, I don't think words can help much at this point...

10:25 am  

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