Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tough Love...

How to settle your baby to sleep? Hmm, it's not my cup of tea, really.

Skye is more than 3 months now but unfortunately, she forgot how to settle herself to sleep. So, we are going for the extreme sleep make over training which breaks my heart into pieces but it is a must. All I have to do is put her in the cot and let her cry herself to sleep. Of course, knowing that all her boxes are ticked, i.e. diaper is clean, she is well fed and not sick, etc... At first, I have to check in on her every 15-20 minutes just to tell her everything is alright. But under no circumstances, I should pick her up or give her a dummy. Gradually, her crying will fade away and she will learn how to settle herself to sleep.

Easy said than done!!! She is crying while I am writing my blog and I feel like I am losing my mind, I feel so cruel. It has been 38 minutes so far!!!

We are on our 3rd day. She cried for 45 minutes, poor angel. Eventually, she fell asleep. I still wonder what the h#@l am I doing, that I should rock her to sleep or use a dummy. But, deep down inside I know that I am doing her a huge favour. She will have a better sleeping routine if we can both go through this first hard week.
I also feel that it is so unfair because we live next to a noisy construction site.
Wish me luck and any words of encouragement or advice are always welcome. Zzzzzzz...

Hope she will learn from those guys here...it seems they can fall asleep anywhere.
No, that is not Skye in the first photo, but yes, it looks like her. Hahaha...


Blogger sea life said...

Oh, you have to be really strong if you want to achieve this. I was not :)
My princess is 12 years age and she still needs her "Cocolino"(antistress teedybear) to fall in sleep, sometimes she is even comming to our bed telling us "she wants to feel our love":)(one of 1000 reasons do not sleep alone)
Good luck :)

11:40 am  
Blogger Harsha said...

wow, thats a cute baby you have

and thank goodness, your brave enough to do that, its good for her.

Compared to all the pampered kids around, shes way better off.


5:22 pm  
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