Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello World...

World meet Skye Mirfield! Born on the 20th of March at 23:54, she is 3.4 kg and 54 cm. Doctors say she is quite tall for a newborn, great thoughts rushed through both our minds...Future Olympic swimmer/basketball player/model.. Her newborn clothes are too small for her long legs, so we are dressing her into the 3 months size.

Her heart is very strong, we assume because I have been to the gym regularly. She is one week old, we are getting to know each other and catching up on our sleep. Skye is very alert and her eyes are wide open. She smiles occasionally but I believe she is just passing some wind. She is the cutest little angel.


Blogger Tys on Ice said...

congratulations on the new arrival. My wife is due on april 26th...i think its the season or something coz everyone seems to pregnant nowadays...

9:17 pm  
Blogger Qatar Cat said...

Welcome to the world, Skye! What a beautiful name, and a beautiful baby :)

Congratulations - and I don't think it really matters what she will become, as long as she is happy and healthy and a delight to her proud mom and dad!

10:36 pm  
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