Friday, November 27, 2009

International Day at School...

Skye and I have spent an impressive day at school celebrating International day. The school has arranged a double decker bus outside the school which specialises in entertainment and parties. Next to it was parked an ice cream truck but for some reason Skye does not like ice cream...not yet! There was a pony, a camel and a falcon. The big hall was full of stands filled with food, crafts and bric a bracs of so many countries. We visited the Irish stand and enjoyed their Christmas pudding. I enjoyed the Sushi on the Japanese stand and of course we visited the Lebanese stand to taste their pastries and pies.
All the children were dressed in their country's traditional costume. Skye was wearing a T-shirt that said "Born in UAE" with the UAE flag then at the bottom it said "From" with both flags the Irish and the Lebanese. Michael and I had the idea of painting flags on a white shirt for her the week before and it turned out brilliant.
My favourite part was the Dubai Drums who pushed everyone to play and participate in making music. The place was buzzing with loud drums and music.
So we filled up our bellies and bought a cake, took a few pictures and got offered a big red balloon. In other words, Skye was so over excited she could not settle for her lunch nap but who cares we both had a brilliant time!