Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tic Toc...

Here we are 37 weeks and still holding on...Anyday now! We stopped camping just in case but we are still going to the movies and trying to do everything before baby is born.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day. Michael and I think it is too commercial these days, so we decided to have a nice picnic on the beach at night, with candles surrounding us and a bottle of fizzy apple juice! It was fantastic! We had home made cannelloni, apple and blueberry pie! Hmm...


Blogger Jayne said...

Sandie, you must surely be the envy of 99.9% of pregnant women - my gawd hon, you look stunning honestly. Only another couple of weeks & your world will be turned upside down :-) Take care hon xxx

p.s. You've been tagged!

4:53 pm  
Blogger Sandie said...

Hey, you are such a good friend! Thank you a million

5:45 pm  

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