Thursday, November 08, 2012

Latest News:

It has been a while...I was so overwhelmed with everything that was happening that I did not know where to start.
It has slowed down very much now, therefore, I can sit and catch up on my blog.

We moved houses more than a month ago. It’s a beautiful place which ticks all the boxes.
It has light, sea air, space, walking distance to the shops, beaches and parks, lovely neighbours with kids. I rarely want to go out so much I am in love with this place.

After two days of moving in, my parents-in-law arrived for a month. We went everywhere. We played the tourist guides for a while and had lots of fun. They fell in love with the country.
This was the place we stayed at when we went to Margaret river.

The tourists...

Grandad and Skye cooking dinner.


We were spoilt by their visit. They offered their babysitting services so we grabbed the first plane out to Bali for 3 days, just Michael and I...Yes, just the two of us! We have not had such an adult break since Skye was born. But we did miss her enormously!

                                                   Relaxing in the sunny afternoon.

The garden crew.

Yummy, at the chocolate factory!!

After the parents-in-law have gone, Skye and I grabbed another plane. This time, we went to Lebanon to visit my own family. It was lovely. It was so great to see everyone again and finally meeting my little baby niece, Ruby.

Skye learned how to swim and she even had a tan, “a white bum”, we called it!

We are back now to our routine and getting used to the new house, trying to remember where everything is again.

Back to school now and I found a French school which we started to go to in the afternoons. First day there and the teacher said that she is too advanced for her class, therefore she would like to move her to the more advanced one. Nice, eh? All that work paid off. For a while, I was the only one speaking French in the whole country, I felt I was insane. Now I am glad I did not give up.
Next stop, Arabic lessons...I am starting to teach her a few Arabic words and we found an Arabic teacher. Hope it goes well.

We have new neighbours who just moved from Melbourne with 2 kids of Skye’s age. We are doing lots of things together, even us parents are getting along so well and going out together. Their grand- mother offered her babysitting services, while all the parents can go and have a drink nearby. So Skye had a half-sleep over.

                 A couple of pictures at the farewell summer beach party in Lebanon.



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