Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ouf! Finally, I am back!!

Ouf! Finally!! Well, it has been a roller coaster the past few months, so many changes I need to share with you all.
We have both changed jobs, well basically Michael has and I have resigned which we thought was for the best.
So we had to move. We are still in the U.A.E. but in a different Emirate.
We had to start from scratch and buy our own furniture, from the plates to the chairs. Can you imagine furnishing a whole house? Let me tell you, it is no easy task! But it is done and what a relief I tell you!
As for the internet, let’s say it took the company more than a month to install it. They say they are drowning with demands and orders.
The 2 bedroom flat is fantastic with a sea view and a mosaic pool on the roof which is always windy. There is a gym as well and everything is of a walking distance as long as it is not in the scorching summer heat. We are also surrounded by lagoons and gardens which is very picturesque.



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