Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Child Won't Eat!!!

I wonder what goes through the mind of a 4 year old!! Aaarghhh!!! It is so frustrating! I am not worried about her. She is healthy, takes her multi-vitamins and does not lack any nutrition at all. She eats finger food like chopped raw veggies and fruits It is just a power struggle between me and her. At this point of time, I am not sure who will win!

This week is getting worse though. I made lasagna for dinner, another night it was plain white fish with mixed vegetables on the side, last time, strogonoff with sweet potato puree, tonight roast lamb with roasted veggies and a cabbage salad and for lunch a healthy version of chinese fried rice which was brown rice with shrimps and mixed veggies.
All that and her highness, from up above, perched on her throne , says: " But I don't like." (You can tell by this stage that I am a wee bit irritated).
And, of course, you know what is coming..."HOW CAN YOU TELL IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED IT?"
And breath, breath in...breath out...And a One and a two...Count to ten....
Ok, I am trying not to lose my temper.
So, I tell her that this is what is on the menu in the Mirfield kitchen, that, it is not a restaurant and there is nothing else and the kitchen will be closed soon and food will no longer be served.
She is so stubborned this one, really, you have to admit it.
After Michael and I finish our meal, she refused to try it still. Table is cleared, kitchen is cleaned and child goes to bed hungry.

It is fine for one night, but this is the 4rth night. I know I am beyond irritated but I try not to show it to her.
So I  decided to investigate on line. Mr. Google is my friend...
I learned that it is actually a power struggle. The child wants to be in control. It is not about food anymore. This is a relief. In a way, I know my cooking is not so bad because Michael eats it and he is still alive and on the other hand, I just have to keep doing what I am doing: serving nutritious meals at certain times of the day and nothing else. If she eats Hallelujah! If not, tough luck, next time then.
So the score is: mommy 4 and Skye 0.


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