Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from Lebanon, Unpacked and Well Rested!!

Hello everyone. Hope you had a great summer. I know we did! Well, Lebanon was great. The weather was fabulous. Everyday was a struggle...Deciding whether to go to the pool or the beach, which pool as well!! My brother and sister are working in a fabulous spa resort where we spent our days by the pool. Ouf! How exhausting! Life is hard!

If you manage to visit Lebanon, you should pass by The Senses located in Kaslik next to Jounieh. There is a 3 floor gym and 3 pools, restaurants and spa lounges as well.
We felt in Bali or Thailand. We really had a fabulous time.

Well, Skye was spoiled, over the top. Everyone hugged her and carried her until she got used to the whole crowd and noise. She is fearless these days. She started her solids and we can see a shape of a tooth pushing upwards on her lower gum.

Her milestones include sailing for the first time amd swimming as well, going on a holiday by plane and riding the swings.
She was so spoiled with toys and clothes that I was 20 kilos over when I checked in for our flight! ...Of course, we had to pay, in case you are wondering.

This holiday was not possible if it weren't for my dear husband's support and the team work of my family. Thank you, I feel so refreshed and alive again.