Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The inauguration of Burj Khalifa

You can find these pictures and many more on the Gulf News website.
The 827-metre Burj Khalifa tower is open to the public. Most of these pictures were taken during the opening night which included fireworks obviously, music , dancers, parachutes, fountain shows and an air balloon.
The firework display which was one of the biggest in the world, declared the opening of Burj Dubai, now renamed as Burj Khalifa. And yes it was night time, I can assure you, but the fireworks were so overwhelming that you would think it was daylight.
The observatory is also open to the public.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas and New Year...

It is never too late to wish everyone jolly holidays and filled-up stockings!

Well, anyways, hope you all had great holidays.

Skye was lucky this year, she had all her grandparents for Christmas this year...Michael's parents and my mother.

So we did what every tourist would do on a sunny holiday...Hit the pool and get a wicked sun tan. Even though the holidays got shorter for Michael's parents because of the flight delays and all the snow storms in Europe, they were a few days late but they managed to make it for Christmas!

We have spent the holidays baking, eating then going out to eat then coming back home to eat again! Sounds familiar? Not to mention all the drinking...

Santa showed up on time as usual and brought Skye her first red trike which was the highlight of the season, plus other toys as well. I must admit Skye was spoiled this year by everyone, by all our family members and friends. We thank you so much.

So we decided to go to the beach, see the fountains, the aquarium, go out for a meal a few times, we even found a traditional merry-go-round which Skye loved so much.

Wassim and Caroline Zogheib's Wedding...

Skye and I got invited to Wassim and Caroline's wedding... my sister's wedding. I must say it was very emotional, quite stunning and we had lots of fun, good company and the mood was very romantic! (Oh yes, and lots of seafood too!)

The fact that Christmas was in the same week made the wedding even more special.
It was a simple wedding between family and friends of around 60 people. The wedding was very enchanting and romantic. Orchids and candles brightened the chapel and the wedding hall.
Caroline had an off white short very modern dress. She looked stunning! Wassim was very handsome in his tieless modern suit.
Wassim and Caroline decided to get married in an old small chapel with a low ceiling and lots of stone arches...I understand why they chose that chapel, it had a lot of character. You can feel the saints breathing down your neck while you were in there. Two adults could not pass through the corridor at the same time. It was tiny and very historic. I believe they have built the town around the chapel and not the other way around.
The romantic couple had only eyes for each other all night, it warmed my heart when they performed their first dance as a married couple. I really wished Michael was with us. He could not come over because of work.
The wedding was a great memory, a great day to remember. I will cherish this memory a lot and I wish all the best to the happily married couple.