Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anyone for Tea?

Skye gets invited to a tea party. We baked some cookies and off we went. Our cookies were a hit! We had a lovely time and the kids had some hot chocolate and did some painting craft. What a great way to invite people over just for the sake of getting together.
By the way, Skye is the first one on the right in purple.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baking Time:

Skye is invited to a tea party today. Yes, you heard me, not a birthday party but a tea party. It is just a way to occupy kids during the holidays. Why not? I think it is a great idea as long as it is simple and not too fancy.
So Skye received a baking cookie set from her grandparents for her birthday and she could not wait to take them for a test drive. We baked cookies yesterday, getting ready for the tea party. She loved every bit of it. She is quite the baker.

Gingerbread man with funny curly hair.

Our Garden:

Finally, our effort and team work paid off. I thought I will never have green fingers in my entire life.
But looking at our garden now and I believe we have achieve something with the help of a lot of people and gathering information and advice. I still have to figure out why my zucchinis are dying though. Between daisies, lavender, geraniums, frangipanis and many others, we have gathered quite a selection of heavy duty plants, plants which won't die on you in a day.
Skye is enjoying every bit of it. She even planted some mint and thyme with me, yesterday.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going back to work...

And...It is really happening! I am going back to work! After 5 years, we decided it was time and that Skye is ready. But, the question is: Am I ready? Ahh, simply...No!
I am so tearful and feeling guilty of abandoning Skye, it is tearing me apart. The good part is that this job is part time. The bad news is that she will have to spend some days at child care after school, which is not so bad if you think about it. She will have a blast with some of her classmates who are in the same situation.
Anyways, I am happy, convinced and confident of this situation. A friend of mine sent me a sort of life coaching video where this woman tells you to go to the bathroom before your interview and stand in front of the mirror, then put your hands on your hips and take the superwoman pose. It is supposed to give you a boost of confidence. Did I do that? Well, I got 3 major interviews after a 5 year gap...It is not bad after only a 2 months job hunt. The mothers at school were impressed while they were updated with my job hunt.
Now that I found a job and signed the contract, everything is official. I hope I did not fry my brain which needs to change from its sleeping mode from all the baby talk...I need to deactivate that snooze button!  The wardrobe will have to change dramatically, though,  from park and beach outfits to office suits. I will need to wear shoes!...(I wish I can stay barefoot.)

Mothers' day is almost here. It reminds me I am not alone. A lot of mothers are in the same situation. It is a 'feel good' decision, really. I can remember my own mother: single full-time working mum with 3 children and in a war! How did she do it? Well, she did it and I will be forever grateful. Nothing I could do would thank her enough. I am sure she had her own superwoman outfit hiding somewhere but she hid it so well that I never found it!


Happy Mothers' day

Be grateful. 
Be really happy.
Worry less
and above all love each other.