Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Trip to Memory Lane:

In Lebanon, we call our grandmothers "Teta". Well my Teta is very ill and I need to see her. It has been a while. She is an amazing woman who raised five kids on her own because my grandfather died of a stroke long time ago.

She invented the word multitasking. She knits wool jumpers with complexed designs while entertaining her grand kids with her fairy tales.

Sunday is always her day. All the family gathers around at her place to prepare a feast a la Libanaise which means a five hour meal between the cigarette breaks, the Arak and the chatting to catch up on the week's events.

My teta's house is in the forest and sometimes you feel like little red riding hood. When I slept there, I used to hear the wolves tiptoeing on the ground floor balcony tiles. They would have never ventured if our dog was still alive. It is an insult to him.

I am looking forward to this trip to Lebanon to meet all my friends and family, going to Jounieh bay and swimming in the Olympic sea water pool, go to the basket ball court on the beach where on a windy day the waves would spray the players and everyone would laugh. And there has to be a stop over to my favourite fruit cocktail place "Cafe Tony" with his big size mugs full of fresh fruits topped with fresh cream and honey, yummy! I will be staying in my old room like a teenager again. It will be fun.

Unfortunately, Michael has to work and I am going alone. But it is only for 10 days after all and yet it has been 3 years I last visited my hometown. I don't even know what to expect.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Driving license:

By the way, remember the part when I said I passed my driving test and I got my driving license? Well actually, the insurance will not cover us if I were driving and crashed the car, not before one year. They consider me a new driver. So back to zero, in a way, back on my bike! I would have to wait for one year until I drive the car unless we are willing to risk it all, all the down payments , the installments, the whole package, which is not the case!

Demolishing Time:

Rumours have been going on about demolishing the Dubai World Trade Centre apartments ever since I can remember. But, folks, it is happening now while we speak! You should see the place buzzing like a bee hive 24/7. The leisure club, including the gym and the pool, will be demolished this summer. The parking spaces are already gone.

These hotel apartments will be replaced by some luxurious fancy suites within 3 years. They would probably be double the price.

The D.W.T.C. Apts were the first buildings in this area surrounded by nothing but sand. Then later on, they build the famous Sheikh Zayed highway which I believe is 6 lanes and which is crowned with sky scrapers everywhere. If you check my post on this date November 2005, you can see a postcard and you will know what I am talking about.
It is a good thing that we would have to move next year anyways because we bought a flat. Everything just seems to fall into place.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cyclone Gonu:

Cyclone Gonu was and still is the strongest storm which hit these parts of the world since 1945. It hit mostly Oman and the east coast of the U. A. E. heading towards Iran. 4 to 5 meter waves hit the coast and flooded the streets. Some S. A. surfers tried to brave the waves but were halted by the police and the rescue team, they were actually disappointed. Hotels are cancelling their reservations and the coastal road is barricaded.
Michael and I were actually thinking of watching the storm and maybe even surf so my husband says, hmm...I don't think so!
I believe that Muscat is in a valley so all the floods and the rain water just went flushing down on people's houses and even their lives. It is a human disaster. They are devastated.
Today, the newspapers are all talking about the judge who believed in his 4x4 car and charged the storm in order not to miss court. He got hit by a humongous wave and went wild rafting in his car but 2 workers in a tractor actually saved him! Check out the pictures and many more on the story on: http://www.xpress4me.com

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My First Time at Wild Wadi:

Michael and I went to Wild Wadi courtesy of work. One of the patients gave the staff free tickets. It is a big water park in Dubai.

So we spent our Saturday there, the place is a hustle and bustle souk, almost like a fish market, extremely crowded but then again it was the week end. The architecture is fascinating, Arabic style straight from one of Shehrazad's stories of 1001 nights. The slides are so much fun but quite limited. We managed to use only one. The rest were pool waves which we already experience every week end on the beach and the Jumeirah Scarer is a bit extreme, you just experience a good red mark on your bum and back from all the friction.

No don't get me wrong it was fantastic, we had lots of fun but for that price, hmm...And the water was filthy, it was very disgusting. I kept praying not catch any fungus or diseases.