Monday, February 24, 2014

Know your capitals!

At the dinner table, we were discussing facts about the world in general. So we asked Skye (reminding you that Skye is only 5), we asked her what is the capital of Australia?                                              
And she answers:"A"!
Tears of laughter, that's all we had for the next few hours! Just hilarious!
I mean the girl is a way.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Christmas Photos...

Yes, I know, they are very late!
At least they are published which is better than nothing...
Hope you all had a great time and were surrounded with family and friends, warm, full and cosy.
For Christmas, we have spent it with my mum and our friends 
who joined us the next day on a 1 week camping trip to Margaret river. 
When I say camping, I mean yes the whole package, camping in the bushes, in a camp site, surrounded by kangaroos at dawn and possums at midnight...
We did the beach tours and we have seen them all.
And Margaret river is not the same without going to the tavern for dinner
 and visiting the local bead shop...

Having fun in Freo...

Mesmerizing Mermaid Encounter...

Skye: "Mommy...How do the mermaids go back in the ocean?"

Skye's jaw dropping experience...

Mermaids mermaids everywhere, 
throwing shells, 
pirate treasure money 
and splashing passers by.

The Fringe Festival is on. Circus acts,
performances, theater, music, concerts, magic name it, it is there.
So, there is a big tank in the center of town midst all these circus
 and show tents, where a couple of mermaids splash passers and throw shells and pirate treasure money.
The kids are loving it.