Thursday, December 20, 2012


Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton - Report and Results

Must have been the ski goggles... Jonno Keys after the race.
"After last years success, the kiteboarding world was expecting big things from Perth last weekend. Luckily, the event organisers absolutely nailed it! Producing one of the highlights of the 2012 kiteboarding calendar.

Racing from Rottnest Island to Leighton Beach is a pretty serious feat in itself, let along doing it in a pack of hungry kiters, all itching for glory! The open ocean passage is well know for being sharky, rough and always windy, yet the kiters took to the conditions like only a kiter would, and put on a great show for the crowd of over 1000 people lining Leighton beach, WA.

At the front of the pack (by only 10 seconds!) was Jonno Keys. Maybe being a local helped, or maybe he just trained harder than everyone else, but nobody could deny the guy was FAST! Riding an Ozone Edge and custom slalom board, he was up the front from the start. Prepared and ready for the start, unlike lots of people! With most competitors only having done a few (or never!) races before, the starts and gear selection were troubling to say the least. Some competitors were still pumping up kites 10minutes before the start!

The best combination of gear to use is still being debated now, after the event has finished! But what's not being argued is how well the event was managed and organised. Here's what Jonno (the guy who won) had to say on the Seabreeze forums after the event:

"Thanks Tim & his racing officials & starters, boat crew, Redbull, Reg & Daniel & Cabrinha, Rotto express, the amazing WAKSA crew on beach making the day calm & organised on Rotto & start beach.

The most fun day in kiting for sure - came 33rd last year & 1st in 2012 and both were unreal. 2012 just better because of crazy, big REDBULL trophy in my living room"

Will everyone be back next year? You bet! Organisers might even have to work out a way to get more entrants involved, because there were some seriously disappointed kiteboarders who missed out on the draw this year! Stay tuned for the full video from Red Bull, but in the meantime check the preview out. "By

So basically, the score was 25 minutes and Michael was 36 minutes. He did not even train! He will be ready next year though!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Wishing you all the Happiness in the World!!!!

Love Each Other!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fairy Festival This Year:

This year, the fairy festival was marvelous...As long as you don't get close! It was jammed packed! I have not seen the park this busy before. So, we decided to have a picnic outside of the event perimeter and occasionally have a glimpse of the colourful fairy fiesta.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 2012 Red Bull LightHouse to Leighton:

Saturday the 15th of December, Michael will be participating in the Red bull kitesurf race. We are all excited here, can't wait! I will update you after Saturday with more info and photos...
Let the wind begin!!!!!

Alex Caizergues

Starting at Phillip Point Rottnest, off the coast of Perth, the inaugural Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton, presented by the WA Kitesurfing Association (WAKSA) will set sail on Saturday December 15, with competitors speeding across the Indian Ocean on the Gage Roads channel and finishing at Leighton Beach, North Fremantle.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus....

This week, at the library, story time was very special...

Yeah!!! It's Christmas!!!! Here comes Santa Claus!!!