Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Few New Photos to Share with Everyone...

Daddy...Daddy is flying!!!

Christmas Photos or maybe Halloween!!!

Our first try of taking Christmas photos this year was a bit disastrous. Daddy did not blink this time and mummy was looking the right way and yet...Skye kept frowning and frowning and frowning, more like the Grinch stopping Christmas.

We will try again later.

Skye has a cold...

So, what's new? Well, Skye has a cold and we are trapped indoors doing lots of colouring, playing indoor games and, and, and...watching BARNEY!! Oh, did I say that loud? It is too much to handle, all that singing and dancing and the same episodes over and over again. I mean Barney is fantastic, very educational, don't get me wrong but after 2 weeks of being trapped indoors, your eye starts to blink and you talk in rhymes!
Anyways, Skye is on a new antibiotic, hopefully that will chase her demonic germs away!

Monday, October 05, 2009


I decided to participate in the Aquathon race which was a lot of fun. Because it was my first time and I was not sure what to expect, I went for the half Aquathon, but next time I am definitely doing the full one. I ended up 5th in my category.

The Dubai Tri Club organised the first of a series of three Aquathons (swimming and running) at Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa on October 3. The second and third rounds of this event will be held on November 21 and May 1.

A lot of interested runners and swimmers from across the UAE were invited to participate in this unique series of races which are open to all juniors and adults, novices and professionals.

The Half Aquathon was a 400 metres swim followed by a 2.5 kilometres run while the Aquathon proper was an 800 metres swim followed by a five kilometres run.
Both categories also allow for a relay event where one athlete does the swimming leg and another the running.

Spectators and families were welcome to come and cheer but at getting at 5:00 in the morning, Michael and Skye had to cheer for me from their beds.