Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Beautiful Beach, Sniff! Sniff!

If you ever came to visit, we would usually take you to our favourite beach, our heaven on earth, Jebel Ali. Unfortunately, they closed it down to build a massive beach resort. All kitesurfers and winsurfers got also kicked out of Jumeirah beaches which is fair enough really we all know this could be dangerous for families and children.

Now, Jebel Ali was supposed to be a so called "Protected Nature Reserve"."I am not sure if I got my facts right with all the tractors digging here and there. We have to go all the way to the borders of Abu Dhabi which is almost an hour's drive! And I miss my beautiful stretch of sand surrounded by camels on land and by rays and turtles in the water. Sniff! Sniff!
So we are trying to go to a new place every week end. We decided to try Sharjah lagoon and because it is near the main road and because people have never seen a big kite before, someone actually crashed into the big metal garbage bin on the side of the road. It was actually far away from the road. He was staring at the kites in the sky and he forgot to drive so he drifted off the road into the bin, totally smashing his car!! When the police arrived, he actually blamed his crash on us. No one managed to stop laughing. Until now it is the joke of the year! Even the police did noy believe him, they asked Michael when is he going to fly again, they wanted to take a video!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I say :" If you cannot afford Art, well just make it yourself!"

This is my own Matisse version which I will keep in our bedroom. I tried to paint like Gustave Klimt, Hmm, well should I say no way Jose! No can do! It is just too difficult.

Maybe I will try a Joan Miro who inspires me a lot.


Driving Test:

Guess what?! I have just passed my driving test! Hourrah! Yippie! Yabadabadoo!

After living in Dubai for more than five years and using my mountain bike, I decided to face my fears. So I applied for a driving license. Being Lebanese, I had to go through twenty classes and a final test even though I have my Lebanese driving license.

But the thing is I passed from the first time. Thirty others have failed. Some were doing a test for the tenth time! Ouf! I have to say it was not easy. The examiner made me drive every road there is in the neighbourhood for over 45 minutes.

Now, you are looking at an official holder of a U.A.E. driving license. Anyone wants a lift? or even better, can I have the keys to your car?

Dog Sitting:

Over the weekend, a friend of ours had to go on a trip to Abu Dhabi. So he left us in charge of his cute dog, Leo, a two year old beagle who snores like a bear and hugs like one too. He is adorable and likes to sit in Michael 's lap for some reason.

In Australia, Beagles are trained to sniff and stop vegetables and fruits from travelling between states in airports in order to avoid any virus spreading which could be devastating.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life in Dubai:

I apologise for not finding the time to write but ever since the doctor said I can exercise again I just never come home in the evenings!! My neck is a bit sore but that will take a whole year to heal. But now Michael just developed a kind of tendinitis! So frustrating! We stopped going to the beach because of our pains and aches but anyway it is quite hot out there.

Two weeks ago, we were snorkeling and I saw the biggest stingray in my whole I am not exaggerating, it was HUGE! like two meters huge and I happened to be swimming on top of it just half a meter away. I am not sure who got more scared, me or him! I could not stop swearing! Michael found it funny because I never swear.

We have been living in Dubai for over five years now, so I decided to be brave and start driving! You see I only use my bike as a transport. I admit it I am a coward when it comes to driving in Dubai, but I think it is about time. My test is in two weeks, wish me luck.

Life in Dubai is very interesting. You get surprised on a daily basis. Prices are skyrocketing, traffic for some reason is getting better and the construction work, oh dear, let's not go there. Let's say each time you blink a new building will pop up! But you know, what I love about this place is the multicultural atmosphere. You sit in a cafe and next thing you know you hear Spanish, Italian, Indian, Portuguese, French...and the list goes on. I am just passionate about languages. I think it is fascinating.
And the tan! The sun tan, everybody has a tan, they look like they are always on holidays.