Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day:

It was Mother's day in Australia this week. All the kids and the Dads were prepared something special. It was so cute hearing them secretly plotting in hushed voices, making secret cards and getting her a treat!

Michael and Skye made me a beautiful card together which they coloured. Dinner was served by le chef Michael: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and lots of roast potatoes and veggies on the side...Just mouth watering even remembering it!

On Monday, at school, there was a surprise for all the mommy's as well. Their nails were polished by the kids who not only massaged her but also brushed her hair and added a million and one hair clip.
The kids made fairy bread as well ( which consists of buttering a piece of bread and sprinkling some rainbow sprinkles). They also prepared a card with a pretty photo of each child. We received a beautiful flower pot, too!
So now, I am actually walking around with some funky colourful nail polish, each finger is of different colour.

Happy Mother's Day, hope you all enjoyed it! I know I did! Can't wait for next year!

Michael the Movie star!!!

 At work, Michael and his colleagues did a safety awareness video. Basically, it speaks for itself : promoting safety at work in order to go back safe, healthy and in one piece to the things you enjoy doing.

There are 2 kite surfers in this video and Michael is the kite surfer in the black rash vest and black shorts, with no hat on.