Sunday, July 30, 2006

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Trying to make sense of this silly war:

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Sorry I am not always updating my blog but I am not in the mood for it. Mum says that their area is safe so far, they live next to Jounieh bay, that is next to the port. Phone lines are back, I can reach them now. They are safe, there is food, water and electricity and those are the basics. At least my mother and sister are still working. It is good to be busy at a time like this.

Dubai has raised 49 million dirhams to help Lebanon. Saudi Arabia even more. The whole world is watching and yet no one can stop this foolishness! Do you know what they call it here in the newspapers? "The Death of the Phoenix". Can you imagine.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Country... My Town...Beirut...

Beirut...Everything is gone...It is horrible...Be Safe...My friends...My family...

Everyone I know is safe so far yet we never know what might happen the next minute. You are all in my prayers...

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pictures taken from the Gulfnews website.

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pictures taken from the CNN website.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tour de France:

Who will it be? Amazing watching these guys zooming at 60+ km per hour.

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Norway on a Biz Trip:

Well, our roomates left last week for a bus tour around Europe and Michael has left on a business trip to Norway for a week. Quite beautiful, he loved the herring, the seafood is amazing, he says. And that's coming from him the red meat man who loves his steak rare and talkative! There was always light. People were extremely friendly, so friendly that he came back to Dubai surprised, forgetting how busy and hectic this place was.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thai Boxing Class:

I have decided to try the Thai boxing class everyone talks about. So I showed up to class yesterday and it was an intensive 2 hour class, quite aggressive, fabulous just what I like but I could not manage to keep up. I actually managed to get sick not once but twice! I just convinced myself that it was the heat, I am sure of it anyways. Fifteen people in a room with no air condition in Dubai in the summer, please give me a break. I give up. But I will definetly go back in the winter. It was quite an experience! One hour of full cardio, half an hour of rope jumping , push-ups and abs. The next hour is all about technics and mastering the movements. Can you imagine doing that for more than a couple of month? Fitness to the extreme!

Facts of the Month:

Antartica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes.