Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Here...

This is the first day of cooler weather. We actually managed to sit on the balcony for once and not only that, we managed to go to the beach. We thought it would be too hot to meet our friends so we were not dressed for the beach but Skye does not seem to agree because she ran straight in the waves and leaped in the water with her clothes on. The waves were up to her neck! I have no pictures to entertain you though I have been a bit lazy with the camera to be honest. It has been such a lovely windy day and the visibility was stunning. I bet if you could look closer you can actually see Oman. Well, it seemed like that to me, anyways.

Friday, September 11, 2009

1st Day at School...

To be honest, I actually dreaded Skye's first day at school because I remember how I dropped my sister's to school for her first day...Let's say it was quite dramatic for both of us. She screamed the skies down and I will never forget it, it crushed my heart and shattered it into a million pieces.

When it came to Skye though, she was actually not bad the whole week, astonishingly, except for the last day of the week when it dawned at her and she realised that mommy actually leaves the classroom.

You see, Skye was too preoccupied with all the new toys and the kids around her that she did not even notice me leaving but I guess after a few days she caught up and cried a bit not dramatically but it still made me feel sad.

Skye's school is phenomenal, so organised and well maintained. Teachers have quite an interesting and busy curriculum and they keep you posted as well. It is a very colourful nursery, full of activities and toys. Every time you walk in, you can hear music, you can see painting and kids' smiles on their face.
The first week, Skye went for 2 hours only everyday so she can get used to it. Meanwhile, I escaped to the gym. Once she 's settled she will be going 3 days a week for approximately 4 and a half hours.
The teacher was quite impressed with her appetite and laughed at her 'oh la la' expressions.

Have you been on the Metro?

Yes, Dubai skies lit up last night for the launch of a futuristic metro on the 9-9-2009.

They say it is one of the cheapest metros yet and the longest automated system in the world with Wi-Fi, air conditioning and fancy compartments.
I personally have not tried it yet but I have seen it. It has over 29 stations.

I am not sure if a lot of people will ride it especially when the stations are so far from each other, when the price of a tank is around 25 cents and when most people have cars if not fancy ones. I know if I were rich I would not park my Maserati and ride it everyday. But I know some of my friends are going for a ride this week end just to see it and try it. It sounds a bit daft though...

'What are you doing this week-end?'

'Oh, not much, just thought I will go for a metro ride.'